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I.  Website Contents - SF Electrical cannot be held, or considered to be held, responsible if you choose to deal with an electrical incident.  The information provided on the website is purely for information and explanation use only.  It does not provide advice i.e. instruction on how to deal with any electrical incident.  Subject to an electrical Incident occurring, contact SF Electrical immediately for advice.


II.  Service & Guarantees - Operating instructions, including demonstrations, will be provided upon installation of an electrical product.  An aftercare service will be provided in accordance with the guarantee terms outlined by the manufacture.  In the event of a manufacturing fault, and not as a result of accidental damage, a replacement will be provided and installed at no additional charge.  A charge will be applied for replacement and installation in the event of accidental damage, which is not covered by the guarantee of the electrical product. 


III.  Electrical Installations - Are guaranteed for 12 months.  In the event of a fault occurring outside the 12 months guarantee period a decision will be made upon inspection.  In the event of accidental damage, within 12 months of the date of installation, the appropriate charge will be levied upon inspection.


IV.  PAT Testing - Charged accordingly per job.  Whilst SF Electrical will always endeavour to test all your appliances.  All appliances must be ready to test and be readily accessible.  This includes plugs tops, flexes and the appliance. Should any part of the appliance not meet these requirements, SF Electrical will reserve the right to either carry out a limited test or not test the appliance or continue the works at all.  Failure to commence appilance testing will be charged accordingly.  Reschedule visits will be charged accordingly.


V.  Chasing or Knocking out of walls - Where necessary chasing or knocking out will be created using professional machinery.  A bonding coat will be applied to a depth just below finished plaster level, ready for a finishing coat to be applied.  SF Electrical would recommend that the services of a professional decorating contractor to be



VI.  Flooring Surfaces - SF Electrical will endeavour to lift and refit any flooring surface without causing damage.  Whilst every care will be taken, SF Electrical will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by lifting and refitting.  SF Electrical would recommend that the services of a professional flooring contractor to be considered.


VII.  Carpets - SF Electrical will always lift and refit carpets with the greatest of care.

SF Electrical offers no guarantee that carpets once lifted will be refitted to the original standard.  SF Electrical would recommend that the services of a professional carpet fitter to be considered.


VIII.  Use of Ladders - Whilst every care will be taken, SF Electrical will not liable for any damage caused by the use of ladders.  SF Electrical would recommend on sensitive wall coverings that scaffolding or satisfactory erection methods are to be considered.


IX.  Terms of Payment - Payments are to be made Immediate upon completion of works carried out.  Details of payment options are clearly highlighted at the foot of the invoice.


X.  Callout Charges - SF Electrical does not apply a callout charge.  Appropriate charges will be made upon inspection.  A FREE no obligation quotation or estimate will be provided in the event of further work being required or requested.


XI.  Labour Charges -   Are clearly highlighted on the quotation or estimate that has been provided.  Minor works will be calculated accordingly.  All works carried out are based on a published rate.  SF Electrical aims to be competetive to ensure a professional and relaible service.


XII.  Cancellation/Penalty Charges - Works that are cancelled or unable to start on the day or within 24 hours of scheduled works, may incurr a charge.  In the event of charges being applied, they will be calculated to the time allocated and materials which have been ordered in preperation, particulary on specially ordered and  non-refundable items.  These charges will be clearly highlighted on the raised invoice and will require immediate payment.


XIII.  Travel Costs - Are factored in with the labour rate.


XIV.  Environmental Charges -  (TBC).


XV.  Electrical Reports - Electrical Inspection Reports and Electrical Installation Condition Reports are charged at a published rate.


XVI.  Consultations - SF Electrical offers FREE consultations.


XVII.  Insurance Policies -  In the event of replacement or upgrade of a electrical product, i.e. Alarm system.  SF Electrical will not be liable or held responsible to any amendments required to any Insurance policy.  SF Electrical will not be held responsible to any Invalid Insurance Claim, in regards to a Electrical appliance or Alarm System installed by SF Electrical.  Prior to installation SF Electrical will provide any documentation upon request.


XVIII.  Verification of working practice - Domestic Installer Part P registered.  Qualified to BS7671:2018 IET 18th Edition Requirements for Electrical Installations.  All work, Including PAT Testing and Fundamental Inspection, testing and Initial Verification, is certificated and registered where necessary, thus complying with Part P of the Building Regulations and to IET BS7671 :2018 IET 18th Edition Requirements for Electrical Installations.


XIX.  Updates & Changes - All the terms and conditions of Business highlighted above are subject to change at any time without notice.  Enquiries regarding the terms and conditions of Business should be addressed to: -


The Statutory Rights of the Consumer are not affected.


Revised & updated - 7th May 2019.


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